Postures, breath, meditation and self -study are the foundation of practice.

Vijnana Yoga is an engaging practice designed to fortify and restore the body.  This practice has been developed to promote resilience and minimize risk of injury. 

Classes consist of breath-work, postures and an introduction to seated meditation. Fluid exercises that calm the nervous system and foster natural and effortless movement are included, creating a sense of cohesion in the body. 

We will work with the Taoist 70% Rule, originating from Taoist Qi Gong practices. Here, it is suggested to apply 70% effort, rather than 100% which can lead to injury or strain. This principle is rooted in the concept that development must begin by considering the most compromised link. 

Hands-on assistance will be offered.  This practice is suitable for all levels.

The Vijnana Yoga tradition was created by Orit Sen-Gupta, who has been practicing yoga for over 35 years.  She has published numerous books about yoga, has studied Sanskrit and Indian Philosophy and currently trains teachers in Israel, Europe and the Americas.